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Technical services for industry

The performance of industrial machinery and equipment depends largely on professional care, maintenance, and repairs. We are happy to assist you with the expertise of our strong team of experienced professionals. For even greater efficiency, we also offer full service agreements. Just ask for details.

CorrServe as your technical service provider

Our expert services at a glance

We take care of the complete maintenance and inspection work, make repairs, and replace any spare and wear parts in OEM quality as necessary. We also overhaul machinery in-house to ensure greater efficiency and help you retain your investment in your systems. We help ensure smooth production processes and avoid long downtimes.

Maintenance and inspection of your manufacturing facilities

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Repair and replacement by our CorrServe experts

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Overhauls and upgrades of your production machines

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Spare and wear parts in proven OEM quality

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Coaching, audit, training for more independence

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Full service agreement for maximum efficiency

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master electrician CorrServe

electric cabinet constructions

Benefit from over 15 years' experience in automation technology for machines, special machines, and systems.

fulfillment of high standards

In order to meet the high demands on efficient and safe systems, we have an extremely strict quality management. The internal processes and procedures are reviewed and optimized at regular intervals.

safety of manufacturing plants

In addition to efficiency, the safety of your production plants receive our special attention. Various procedures ensure the safe operation of the machines.

detailed documentation

Each project is meticulously documented and the processes of our work are recorded transparently. Especially for complex projects, we attach importance to a complete documentation.