Industry, Business & Private Customers

Welcome to CorrServe

As a service provider for production machines and electrical installations, we make it possible for industrial, commercial, and private customers to concentrate entirely on their core activities. Check out all that we can do for you and our outstanding service quality and then get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

fast, competent and reliable

Success can be organized!

We offer complete, on-site technical service and regular maintenance for your production machines. Thanks to our dedicated and highly experienced team of technicians, we always get the job done quickly and reliably.

experienced & certified

Certified, individual services and qualified employees with the highest standards on their own performance – this is behind the success story of Corrserve.

emergency support

The availability and the optimal operation of your production machines is responsible for productivity and quality. That’s why our technical emergency support is available 24/7!

local experts

We minimize downtimes due to the optimal location of our headquarters in Werra-Suhl Valley. Be assured our experts are quickly on site.